Sonia Daviaud's detailed resume


Sonia Daviaud created Decision Value in November 2008 in order to offer high value niche consulting services in Supply Chain to companies willing to take benefits from extended supply chain optimization.Prior founding Decision Value, Sonia acted as Senior Executive in large consulting companies as Accenture and BearingPoint. She is experienced in a wide range of consulting assignments covering internal and external supply chain strategies, collaborative and advanced planning solutions selection, demand and supply management processes efficiency studies, supply chain operation improvement programs, inventory reduction methods, logistics network strategies and outsourcing studies, lean production systems design and implementation.


Sonia has served on the Board of APICS from 2013 to 2015.


Experience illustration

Non exhaustive list of her accomplishments as a consultant includes:

  • Design and implementation of the Supply Chain reengineering program for a connector manufacturer including the service offer elaboration for key accounts, organization structure and IT evolution definition, planning process and management rules improvements for components, semi finished and finished goods, in order to align the company operations with its strategy of key account management that requires operational excellency in service level and to support the activity growth without decreasing shareholder value by increased efficiency and control of operations.
  • Implementation of a CVM (Customer Value Management) approach for a diagnosis healthcare company to assess efficient offer to key account panel in order to support business development effort and design aligned supply chain
  • Definition and development of a Supply Chain transformation program for a major OEM Tier 1 supplier including planning maturity benchmark of more than 100 plants, development of a logistic audit tool based on SCOR model, elaboration of training modules and reference material for the standard planning processes (SOP and MPS) implementation, development of a tool box and support to more than 10 sites in SOP and MPS standard processes implementation, that would enable the company to harmonize supply chain practices, increase efficiency of exchanges between branches and thus support its strategy of transforming from a component supplier to a module supplier of OEMs.
  • Development of a Supply Chain process improvement plan for a major food manufacturing company including mid and short term planning mode definition, improvement of forecasts process, improvement of the replenishment process for packaging material, definition of organization structure and needed tools for demand management, feasibility request and new product introduction, that would increase profitability of the highly seasonal activity (Christmas products) and promotional activity.
  • Recovery plan for a furniture manufacturer after ERP implementation in order to secure service level, solve major operational issues and restore confidence in the system.
  • Design of planning processes for a major animal healthcare manufacturer to support the available-to-promise strategy, to address shareholder concern of increasing return on asset and at same time manage production constraints linked to “leaving” material.
  • Design of planning and scheduling principles for several companies (bottling company, dairy manufacturer, apparel manufacturer, furnisher manufacturer)
  • Assessment of how effective resource management practices (i.e. planning for capacity control, execution and monitoring) developed in automotive industry apply to an engineering company’s project portfolio management and review of APS offer to identify a solution for coupling critical resource management and project management.
  • Design and implementation of a production system based on lean principles for a very small series equipment manufacturer, to improve QCD performance and increase transferability between the sites.
  • Assessment of the extended supply chain vision of a major aerospace manufacturer to define next generation tool requirements in order to keep competitive advantage of extended collaboration with multi tier suppliers.
  • Design of the global supply chain (purchase, packaging, physical distribution, demand management) and selection of third party for a mobile phone operator creating a new business in Denmark and Netherlands.
  • Design of the European physical distribution strategy for a major mail order company in cosmetics including the relocation of the warehousing units and the transport network that would reduce costs, improve service level and support the business growth in eastern countries.
  • Development of a cross docking organization for a major European Do-it-Yourself retailer, including identification of suppliers to be transferred from direct point of sales shipments to cross dock flows based on a business case evaluation of potential savings, sizing of platforms and selection of third party logistics provider, clarification of legal issues linked to the goods responsibility chain, training of retailer purchase staff to logistics issues, development of a adoption kit to help purchaser in convincing suppliers to transfer to the cross dock flow, that would enable to reduce purchasing costs, but also increase on-time service level at point of sales and enable to reduce significantly inventory levels at point of sales by optimized procurement parameters.
  • Design and implementation of the worldwide supply chain organization for a train manufacturer, in order to master on time manufacturing, reduce inventory and work in progress and improve logistics productivity.

The industries in which Sonia Daviaud has specific experience include retail, consumer products, communications, manufacturing, heavy industrial equipment, automotive and healthcare. Her clients include the following corporations:


Alstom Power (ABB), GE (ex Alstom Grid, T&D, Areva), Alstom Transport, STX (ex Aker Yards)

GKN Driveline, Valeo, Radiall, Danfoss, Stanley Tools, LISI aerospace, Daher

TradeArbed, ArcelorMittal

BioMérieux, Merial, Merck Lipha, UCB Pharma, Yves Rocher, Sanofi

Amora-Maille, Cadbury-Schweppes, Sodiaal, Sara Lee (Playtex)

Castorama, Jardiland, Salomon-adidas, Vogica, Mobilix (FT) 


Professional Background

Prior to joining consulting in 1995, Sonia was employed by a high-tech engineering company as a project manager for payload development in space industry and product development for medical applications. She holds an Engineer degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris (ECP 86) and a Doctor degree in Physics from Paris VI University.


She is native French and German, and speaks fluent English.