It has been widely agreed upon that a company’s Supply Chain must create value. However, to master throughly one’s Supply Chain turns out to be far more complicated than what the theory specifies.


Relying on 25 years of experience in industry practices – including 15 years within or at the head of consulting firms – Sonia Daviaud created Decision Value, a consulting firm specialized in Supply Chain Management, aiming at assisting its clients to design and implement their Supply Chain and to help solve related issues.


How can we help?

You are trying to implement or redefine your Supply Chain? You face difficulties to reach your operating performance targets (under optimized demand management, excess inventory, unsatisfied customers, unused capacities…)? You are not getting the most of your customers and suppliers?


Decision Value will assist you to develop a pragmatic approach, fully integrating your operating constraints and result oriented. Operationally involved by your side, we identify together improvement priorities, before designing the processes, organization and related tools which will help you reach successfully your targets.